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Warriors of the Cross Motorcycle Association

Welcome to the Warriors of the Cross Motorcycle Association Homepage!

Warriors of the Cross Motorcycle Association is an inter-denominational organization with the non-denominational message of Jesus Christ and the salvation, which is received through the acknowledgment of our sins and the belief that only through Christ can we be saved.
Warriors of the Cross are made up of Christian bikers, men and women that ride Harleys, custom bikes or Japanese cruiser style bikes. We are Christians that are looking for the fellowship of other Christian Bikers and the lifestyle that goes with it.
We are stand up bikers in our faith, we will not tolerate being dictated to as to who we should be as people, or Christians. We are on fire for Jesus and on the edge and will do what it takes, go wherever we have to go to get the message out. At present, we are only in Canada.

email: warriorsofthecrossma@hotmail.com

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